Windows 11: Features, Requirements, and thing you should know about

‘This is just the beginning.’ Microsoft wrote on Twitter after several leaks of Windows 11 became available online. They also teased the fans and told them to keep an eye on June 24. Well, they have spoken. Microsoft has announced a new ‘Windows’. The Tech giant has named the operating system ‘Windows 11’ after hundreds of new name speculations. At first look, it appears that the design has undergone the most changes. Specifically, an attempt has been made to simplify the Windows user interface. As well as changes to the Windows Store.

Almost everything in Windows 11 has changed, such as rounded corners, updated widgets, and multitasking. However, the bootable file of Windows 11 was leaked a few days before the official release.

Changes in Design:

 There is a big change in the start menu of Windows 11. The start button also looks quite different now. It’s no longer situated in the lower left, but in the middle of the taskbar. The live tiles that we used to see in the start menu of Windows 10 are not present in the new Windows. Instead, it shows a very simple list of apps or software. The impact of Apple’s MacOS is evident in the design of the Start menu. And the app icon shows the effects of Android and iOS.

Windows 11’s Touch Target has been developed for devices with larger screens. Voice typing feature is also been added to Windows 11. That means the computer will start typing as soon as it hears your voice. Auto HDR has been added, which will allow Windows 11 users to enjoy better gaming.

Snap Layout allows any device to run on a computer screen:

Windows 11 provides a snap layout for multi-tasking. It allows users to control all of their gadgets from a single computer screen. This functionality has yet to be introduced in any other operating system than Windows. Snap Group is available for the group of programs that can be accessible from the taskbar once again. This advanced operating system will also make connecting two computers much easier. Professional users may enjoy high-quality visuals with the Dark and Non-Dark options. At the same time, the Edge browser in Windows 11 has been updated. Customers can do multi-tasking with one click. you will also use any computer running Windows 11 to line your preferred wallpaper on the screen, similar to the other OS.

Pre-installed Teams will appear in the taskbar:

Teams will be pre-installed in Windows 11 and will appear directly in the Windows taskbar. According to Microsoft’s Livestream, clicking on the Teams button in Windows 11 will show the user some recent contacts and discussions. Users will also get new video or text chatting buttons. Below the ‘Recent Contact List’ there will also be buttons for a full Microsoft Teams experience.


 This new operating system is also claimed to be much more secure than before. This means that it is expected to be safer for those who work in a bank from a computer or make online purchases and money transactions.

Split Window:

 With the importance of multitasking, a new dimension has come in the split-window feature. Windows 11 users can easily opt from multiple layouts more conveniently.

Run Android Apps:

Android phone users can easily use the phone’s apps on the computer in this version. This new operating system also predicts that in the future, Android and Windows may rival Apple together.

 A similar feature has been added to Windows 11 before Apple’s M1 chip-powered Mac OS’ iOS apps. From now on, the Android apps in the Amazon App Store can be downloaded directly and used on Android 11.

‘Teams’ Integration:

 Microsoft’s messaging app, Microsoft Teams, has been integrated with Windows 11. New widgets have been added to Windows 11 for everything like calendar, traffic, news or sports.

Using a computer without touching the keyboard:

 Microsoft Team integration in Windows 11 allows users to interact virtually with any device. To do so, you’ll need to utilize Windows 11 and teams from any platform. The characteristics of the widgets may also be customized. It was based on official intelligence. Beginning with the weather, customers will see more emergency widgets. Windows 11 has enhanced gestures and standard features. As a consequence, you won’t have to touch the keyboard to operate the computer.  Haptic support is included, allowing users to work straight from the styles. Movies and online series will also be available with Windows 11. Customers may rent or buy movies or series directly from the company.

An Improved Microsoft Store:

The best update among the new features of Windows 11 should be the extraordinary improvement of the Microsoft Store. The new Windows 11 Microsoft Store has undergone a change, with more beautiful designs and all the features to attract developers.

The best designs and features for gamers:

Microsoft said that the operating system was designed keeping the PC gamers in mind. Windows 11 allows gamers to experience the best of the best gaming experiences. The company further claims that Windows 11 is the future of gaming. It has Auto HDR feature, which will automatically update the lights while playing games. Players and game developers won’t have to do anything extra to enable this feature. Windows 11 will have a direct storage feature that will allow games to load faster. Also, it has a game pass subscription with the help of Xbox app. On the other hand, users do not have to worry much for the game pass library. At the same time, users will also get gaming variety here. Besides, different games will be uploaded in Windows 11 at different times.

Just as Windows 10 was free for Windows 7 and 8 users, Windows 10 users will get Windows 11 updates for free.

Windows 11 requirements:

 If you want to install Windows 11, Your PC must meet these requirements.

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC)


Storage: 64 GB or more free space on the hard disk

System Firmware: Suitable for UEFI, Secure Boot

TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0

Graphics Card: Must support at least DirectX 12, with Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 2.0 driver

Display: Display with more than 9-inch HD (720 pixels) resolution

It is to be noted that among the past versions of Windows, Microsoft had to face a lot of criticism due to various problems of ‘Windows-8’ version. They then released Windows 10 quickly to cope with it. At that time Windows 7 users were updated to Windows 10 free of cost.

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