Users can mine cryptocurrencies using Apple M1 MacBook Air

Apple unveiled its first Apple M1 ARM-based computer in the last year. The M1 chipset brings great performance and efficiency and dictates a future for more ARM-based computers. Due to the unique feature of Apple hardware, many tech enthusiasts have tried their best to unlock and crack Apple’s M1 chip. According to latest reports, software developer Yifan Gu (Gu Yifan) has found a way to mine cryptocurrencies by using the M1 MacBook Air a bit and open source it on GitHub.

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Yifan Gu, a software engineer with Zensors, wrote on their blog: “I’ve had my M1 MacBook Air for a bit of time now, and I also recently started mining Ethereum. I can’t help asking myself: What’s Ethereum mining performance like on a M1 Mac?”

There is a huge shortage of graphics cards and Nvidia’s mining performance is limited. Cryptocurrency miners naturally need to think differently, giving miners and developers new ideas. This may be the reason behind Gu’s attempt to destroy and replace the Apple M1, which is either mining or partially profitable.

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According to the developer, the M1 MacBook Air mining efficiency is very average. It only supplies 2MH/s, and the power consumption is approximately 17-20 watts. It is only suitable for beginners and early adopters, with a daily income of about $0.14. Although it is entirely behind NVIDIA’s dedicated CMP core, it can set a new direction for cryptocurrency mining. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first attempt to make the M1 processor a viable mining alternative. Back in December last year, XMRig developers were trying to mine Monero with Apple’s MacBook Air M1.

They describe the steps they took to get the Ethminer programme, which is used to mine Ether, to function on an Apple M1 chip, because porting software to Apple silicon is time-consuming.

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