Master:Vijay in a Vijay Sethupathi Film!

Author: Gautham Ravichandran

What you take out of Master, is all Bhavani; a terrific Vijay Sethupathi who just outshines everything and everybody!

John Durairaj ( Vijay) is sent for a teaching stint to a Juvenile home. He comes to know that the inmates are being used for illegal activities by Bhavani( VJS). What prompts a drunkard JD to take up the cleaning and how it ends is what Master is all about!

Vijay is calm and breezy in the initial half! The man’s energy in dancing is definitely an awe factor! Doing away with that, Vijay’s innate screen presence is the sole thing, that works for him! Vijay Sethupathi, the man of the show, is an absolute treat to watch! The actor too appears calm and quiet, but manages to give out the extent of cruelty the character possesses! The difference between an actor and a star is clearly visible throughout! Malavika Mohanan is the commercial requirement! Actors who did the college student roles are victims of an unwanted plot stitched in for some reason unknown but unwanted!

Anirudh’s songs are peppy! Background scores elevate the scenes, but the Lokesh flavor doesn’t help the BGM to find its right chord! Philomin Raj’s editing is fair, but a runtime of 3 hours is a huge mistake! Sathyan Sooryan’s angles are good, but most of the scenes look dull either cause of DI or excessive dust! Stunt Silva’s action choreography works.

The screenplay has major problems! There aren’t any points where the Hero really wins over the Villain. Here, Vijay becomes excessively devastated after a loss, but VJS seems to be so calm and composed! This is extremely good considering a normal film, but not for a Vijay film!

Lokesh Kanagaraj has somehow managed to pull it off! There are too illogical scenes, and Dinkan knows what made Lokesh write to them! Overall, Master belongs to Vijay Sethupathi! It is a Vijay Sethupathi film, which has got Vijay playing a role!

Rating: 2.75/5 – Watchable!

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