iPhones could come with both Touch ID and Face ID in 2021

iPhones could come with both Touch ID and Face ID in 2021

 For a while now, reports of Apple bringing together both the Touch ID and the Face ID into an iPhone have been doing the rounds. A study from Bloomberg, released earlier this month, said that both of these biometric authentication features could come with the 2021 iPhones. Now, this has also been verified by a recent WSJ article, so it is likely that the iPhones we see this year will see the Touch ID joining the Face ID.

Apple was granted a patent covering on-screen Touch ID in September last year. But as patents stand, there are many that Apple holds that cover this technology, especially dating back to 2016, but we haven’t seen the tech giant based in Cupertino really putting them to use yet. Reports say that 2021 may be the year in which the Touch ID and the Face ID under-display come to iPhones together.

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 This was prompted in mid-January by the Bloomberg report, which quoted Apple developers and confirmed that Apple was testing the on-screen Touch ID in this year’s iPhones. Nevertheless, the study indicated that it was uncertain if the feature would end up making it to the production version of the equipment.

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WSJ’s report cites two former Apple employees who stated that the company was “working on in-screen fingerprint technology and considered including both Touch ID and Face ID within the same device.”

Apple is not set to make any major changes to the iPhone lineup this year, with Touch ID and Face ID being the most major improvement. It also means that the world is still going through a pandemic and trying to wear masks, and the Touch ID makes life much easier.

Some other sources indicated that, for the first time this year, Apple would drop the Lightning port, but this remains to be seen.

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