Five Most Anticipated TV Series Releasing in January 2021
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Five Most Anticipated TV Series Releasing in January 2021

A New Year is never more welcoming, and with it comes a lot of new content. Netflix subscribers are eagerly waiting to host a fantastic series, movies, and documentaries in January 2021.

 Here are five new original Netflix shows premiering in January that is surely worth a binge.

1)Pretend It’s a City:

Pretend It’s a city is a documentary series directed by Martin Scorsese about Fran Lebowitz. It is a limited series with seven episodes about Fran Lebowitz who is a famous public speaker and New York author.

 Releasing Date: 8th January

2)Surviving Death:

It is an investigative series about the exploration of what happens after we die. It is directed by Ricki Stern and based on Leslie Kean’s book.

Releasing Date: 6th January

3)Bling Empire:

Due to the present worst condition of COVID-19, a number of series have been delayed. Yet few of them have managed to tie up their development work despite making these complicated conditions. One of them is the Bling Empire Season 1. The upcoming Netflix show is set to open on 15 January in the new year of 2021. So, it’s going to be a fantastic surprise for the viewers to see this coming new one.

Releasing Date: 15th January

 4)History of Swear Words:

History of Swear Words in Six-episode series hosts by Nicolas Cage goes back to the history of some Nazirite words in the English language. There is already a trailer that paints a broad picture of what this series will be like, but a new History of Swear Words clip focuses on a single word, and what some of the show’s guest commentators think about it.

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Releasing Date: 5th January

5)The Magicians Season 5:

The Magician Season 5 will be available on Netflix on January 15, 2021. The next episode is called “The Balls” and will air on March 25, 2020.

 Releasing Date: January 15.

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