Cyberpunk has Lost 79% of Streamers since Launch

Cyberpunk has Lost 79% of Streamers since Launch

After a couple of delays and years of hype, it didn’t meet their fans, Cyberpunk 2077 draw over one million streamers on launch day. But the RPG couldn’t able to maintain their fans. According to GitHyp reports, the online players count of the game has been dropped very drastically to around 225,000 over the weekend.

The platform also states that most single-player games lose around the same number of players in the month after their releases, but open-world titles are the exception. Witcher 3, for example, kept on to half its user base four weeks after it arrived in 2015, taking three months to lose 79% of subscribers.

However, without the same performance problems that spoiled its launch on consoles, Cyberpunk 2077 fared a lot better on the PC, debuting #1 on Steam with over 1 million players and retaining largely favorable responses from over 300k user ratings.

There are caveats to remember: the downturn only affects Steam matches, not those on the Epic Games Shop, the GOG or the Stadia.

Something that could improve the number of Cyberpunk 2077 Steam players in the forthcoming free DLC. It’s expected to arrive in “early 2021,” but with the other problems CD Project Red has to contend with, it could be an ambitious timeline.

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