Google Roll Out Tab Option On Google Chrome

 American tech giant Google is rolling out Android tab groups with a new grid layout on their browser called Google Chrome, as per reports. The new layout would replace the vertically arranged list of cards on the screen with smaller tabs. You can see more of the page, however, without hiding it from other cards. With the new view, Android users also get to use Google Chrome tab groups, where they can drag and drop one tab to another to form groups.

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How to use Google Chrome Groups?

To display the tab group view, just click the number icon next to the address bar to go to ‘Grid View.’ Then you’ll see the tabs appearing as tiny boxes. If you want to group two or more tabs, just drag them to a single tab. It’s also worth noting that this Tab Grouping has been available for iOS on Chrome for a while now. Anyway, you can have a look at the below pictures to get a brief idea of how to group the Android tabs within the browser:

As usual, the ‘New Tab’ icon appears in the ‘+’ sign at the top left. In addition, the Incognito Tab arrangement is being re-engineered with this update. Before that, these tabs will appear on the right side separately. Now, there’s a toggle switch at the top to access it, which also appears in the Grid view.

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To close a tab or a group of tabs, you can use the ‘x’ symbol on the right or just swipe left/right as normal. Note that you will be closing the group tabs as a whole to do this, so be sure to remove the tabs inside the group if you need anything beforehand.

How to disable group option?

Also, if you don’t like this new Grid View for some reason, you can switch back to the old layout. To do this, open the tab, type ‘Chrome:/flags’ in the address bar, and press enter.

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Here, type ‘Grid’ in the search bar, and you will see the ‘Tab Grid Layout’ option that is enabled by ‘Default.’ Now click on it and tap the ‘disable’ button. Relaunch Chrome twice to see the effect of the change.

That said, this update is a server-side one, and it might take some time to reach out to everyone. Let us know in the comments if you stick to the ‘Grid View’ or go back to the old format.

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